Other 6 French albums are released on CDs now

Фирма «Dutton Vocalion» (Великобритания) не перестает удивлять фанатов Поля Мориа в мире!  Недавно выпущены следующие три диска «2LPs на 1CD».
«Dutton Vocalion» (UK) never ceases to amaze Paul Mauriat fans in the world! Recently the following three discs «2LPs on 1CD» has been released.

cdlk4568_400“GOODBYE MY LOVE, GOODBYE” & “VIENS CE SOIR” + bonus tracks (CDLK 4568)

Original LP 6325 070 (1973) STEREO

1. Goodbye My Love, Goodbye ‘73 (Panas; Munro; Lloyd)
2. J’ai un Problème ‘73 (Renard; Mallory)
3. You are the Sunshine of My Life ‘73 (Wonder)
4. The Morning After ‘73 (Kasha; Hirschhorn)
5. Jeux Interdits ‘73 (Trad arr Yepès)
6. La Maladie D’amour ‘73 (Revaux; Sardou; Dessca)
7. Vado Via ‘73 (Albertelli; Riccardi)
8. Sonia ‘73 (Juvet; Bergman)
9. Yesterday Once More ‘73 (Carpenter; Bettis)
10. Petit Oiseau Mécanique ‘73 (Mauriat)
11. Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose? ‘73 (Brown; Levine)
12. Tout Donné, Tout Repris ‘73 (Brant; Jourdan)

“VIENS CE SOIR” (1974)
Original LP 6325 097 (1974) STEREO

13. Viens ce Soir ‘74 (Brant; Jourdan)
14. Mélancolie (Melody Lady) ‘74 (Arel; Meyer adapt Carrère)
15. Les Divorcés ‘74 (Vincent; Delpech; Rivat)
16. The Way We Were ‘74 (Hamlisch; A & M Bergman)
17. I Shall Sing (A Chacun sa Chanson) ‘74 (Morrison; Delanoë; Lemesle)
18. Someday, Somewhere ‘74 (Vlavianos; Costandinos)
19. Lady Lay ‘74 (Groscolas; Jourdan)
20. Les Vieux Mariés ‘74 (Revaux; Sardou; Delanoë)
21. La Fête ‘74 (Fugain; Vidalin)
22. Le Piano sur La Vague ‘74 (P.Mauriat)
23. Toi Qui Regarde La Mer, from the film “Papillon” ‘74 (Goldsmith; Plante)
24. La Paloma ‘74 (Yradier arr Mauriat)

Bonus tracks first time on CD
EP SNP-1004 (1974) STEREO
25. “I Won’t Last a Day Without You” [mixing session part 1] ’74 (Nichols; Williams)
26. “I Won’t Last a Day Without You” [mixing session part 2] ’74 (Nichols; Williams)



“JE PENSE À TOI” (1974)
Original LP 6325 124 (1974) STEREO

1. Les Villes de Solitude ‘74 (Revaux; Sardou; Delanoë)
2. Je Pense à Toi ‘74 (Vincent; Delpech; Rivat)
3. Le Couple ‘74 (L & P Sébastian; Michaële; Carrère)
4. Sha la la (Yesterday Once More) ‘73 (Carpenter; Bettis)
5. Machu Picchu ‘74 (Bernard)
6. My Only Fascination ‘74 (Vlavianos; Costandinos)
7. Quelque Chose et Moi ‘74 (Morgan; Delanoë)
8. Si je te Demande ‘74 (François; Atria)
9. Folle, Folle, Follement Heureuse ‘74 (Renis; Testa; Aznavour)
10. Lui “Si” ‘74 (Panzeri; Pilat; Conti; Pace; Buggy)
11. Lazy Boy ‘74 (Mauriat)
12. Le Baiser ‘74 (Lai)
13. Serpico ‘74 (Theodorakis)

Original LP 6325 214 (1975) STEREO

14. From Souvenirs to Souvenirs ‘75 (Vlavianos; Costandinos)
15. Et Bonjour à toi l’artiste ‘75 (Barnel; Delanoë)
16. Emmanuelle ‘75 (Bachelet; Roy) — hawaiian guitar solo: Marcel Bianchi
17. Medley : Over the Rainbow (Arlen; Harburg) ~ Singin’ in the Rain (Brown; Freed) from the film “That’s Entertainment” ’75 — piano solo: Gérard Gambus
18. Oumparere ‘75 (Macias; Ayela; Demarny)
19. Une Fille aux Yeux Clairs ‘75 (Revaux; Sardou; Lemesle)
20. Le Sud ‘75 (Ferrer)
21. Jolie Baby Blue ‘75 (Morgan; Buggy)
22. Pacific Holiday ‘75 (Mauriat) — hawaiian guitar solo: Marcel Bianchi
23. Please Tell Her “Si tu t’appelles Mélancolie” ‘75 (Shepstone; Dibbens; Delanoë; Lemesle)
24. Joanna Francesa, from the film “Jeanne la Française” (de Hollanda) ‘74
25. On ne vit pas sans se Dire Adieu (Soleado) ‘75 (Zacar; Djian)


cdlk4563_400“MAGIC” & “WILD SPRING” (CDLK 4563)

“MAGIC” (1982)
Original LP 6313 405 (1982) STEREO

1. Come Vorrei ‘82 (Farina; Minellono)
2. Empty Garden ‘82 (John; Taupin)
3. Theme from the film “New York, New York” ‘82 (Kander; Ebb)
4. Hard to Say I’m Sorry ‘82 (Cetera; Foster)
5. Sun River ‘82 (P.Mauriat; Gambus)
6. Love is Blue (version ‘82) ‘82 (Popp; Cour)
7. Hot on the Scent ‘82 (I. Mauriat)
8. Ebony and Ivory ‘82 (McCartney)
9. I’ve Never Been to Me ‘82 (Hirsch; Miller)
10. Even the Nights are Better ‘82 (Wallace; Skinner; Bell)
11. Morning Hunt ‘82 (Gambus)
12. Medley: Tug of War ~ Take it Away ‘82 (McCartney)

«WILD SPRING” (1983)
Original LP 811 435-1 (1983) STEREO

13. Wild Spring ‘83 (Mauriat) — trompette solo: Freddy Hovsepian
14. You Are ‘83 (Richie; Harvey-Richie)
15. Avant Toi, theme from the film “Edith et Marcel” ‘83 (Lai; Aznavour)
16. One on One ‘83 (Hall)
17. Your Eyes, theme from the film “La Boum 2” ‘83 (Cosma; Jordan)
18. All the Love in the World ‘83 (B, R & M Gibb)
19. Eagle Wings ‘83 (P.Mauriat) — flûte à bec: Claude Civalli
20. All Right ‘83 (Cross)
21. I Didn’t Know ‘83 (Hymas; Diamond) – piano solo: Gilles Gambus
22. Baby, Come to Me ‘83 (Temperton)
23. Taste of Sorrow ‘83 (P.Mauriat; Gambus)
24. Up Where We Belong, theme from the film “An Officer and a Gentleman” ‘83 (Nitzsche; Sainte-Marie; Jennings)


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2 комментария на «Other 6 French albums are released on CDs now»

  1. Peter говорит:

    Thank you for an announcement advising of the release of Vocalion Dutton’s new edition releases of Paul Mauriat titles. I have now ordered these.

    Due to work and personal reasons I am taking a lengthy break from all forms of social media. Expecting releases in May / June I visited the Vocalion website but found no new announcements for these CDs. Tonight I decided to execute a Google search and found the above message at the Russian club’s website.

    I feel I am at somewhat of a loss without using social media for the next two months — I had no idea these CDs had been released. So, thank you, Russian PM Club for this important news. In the meantime, Maybe Vocalion Dutton’s release page will be updated soon.

    — Peter Longworth
    Newcastle, Australia

  2. mauriat88 говорит:

    I included your e-mail address for the newsletters. So you will be informed. )))

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